Our GAP (Graphene Accelerated Patches) technology is focused on “bridging the gap” for transdermal deliveries of supplements on a Personalized Medical basis in order to maximize therapeutic outcome by an individually optimized rate of supplement absorption.

Transdermal patches have become a widely used approach for painless delivery of supplements and drugs. One major current limitation of these systems remains the restricted skin permeation. Skin permeability is changed by temperature, such as exposure to IR (Infrared rays). Transdermal delivery of supplements through traditional patches is totally uncontrollable. There is no control and/or ability to regulate the amount of supplements being absorbed through the skin. We present a novel combined transdermal patch approach based on the integration of Graphene heating devices for electrothermal transdermal therapy with a supplement delivery regulation mechanism. When our Graphene heating far infrared device is connected to a DC-5V power supply, it emits far infrared wavelengths which go through our custom made Advanced Patches into the skin, managed by a multi level intelligent regulator.  

Nanoscale Horiz., 2020,5, 663-670

"Application of insulin-loaded patches to the skin of mice resulted in blood glucose regulation within minutes:"